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Thinking about taking a trip to Algarve?

22 Dec , 2015  

When choosing their holiday destination, most people consider three factors: beaches, sea and sun. In general, people are attracted by holiday resorts that can offer them the possibility to enjoy a glass of fine wine and local sports. A place such as Algarve, Portugal, is capable of offering tourists all this and so much more. Not only are locals extremely friendly, but the atmosphere is different from what you would normally encounter. Despite the financial crisis that affected the region, quality hotels and villas to rent in Algarve continue to exist. If you too are planning a holiday in Portugal, this is what you will need to know.

Prices are lower than they used to be   

Although the financial crisis has a serious impact on the entire continent, the fact is that Portugal has recovered quite well. To be more precise, the current financial situation does not resemble the old one when investors lost confidence and it was extremely difficult to gain a mortgage loan. Thanks to the fact that the economy is pretty much stabilized now, prices are much lower in comparison to other years. What is more, the Portuguese government tries to make the country more appealing to expatriates in the sense that they pay fewer taxes.

What you need to know about Portugal   

The region of Algarve actually provides most of the tourist income of the country. It is no secret that the reason why so many tourist come to this place is the fact that the sun shines all year round. The most important thing to remember is that the Portuguese people have traditional values, meaning that they maintain a quiet lifestyle. Apart from the relaxed lifestyle of the inhabitants, Portugal has a very good climate, meaning that the sun shines even during wintertime.  Finally, it is not necessary to worry that you will have trouble being understood because people speaking the English language live all over the area.

Finding the best villa

Although the prices can vary according to the distance to the beach, villa holidays are fairly accessible. In order to get the best deal it is necessary to ask around for leasing prices. Taking into consideration that there are virtually thousands of properties in Algarve, it is better to consult the Internet and with the data collected to calculate the average cost of your stay. On the other hand, you have the possibility of consulting ready-made guides. This way it will be easier to determine which the best villas to rent are. Obviously, villas with gardens and swimming pools will cost more.

Renting in Portugal

The most important piece of advice is that you should never rent unseen. Finding a place will not be a chore since properties are constantly advertised in newspapers and magazines. Estate agents will provide you with the possibility of leasing for both short and long periods of time. Properties destined for long-term rentals ae let unfurnished, which means that furnished properties are scarce. In addition to this, the price varies according to the age of the house and the facilities offered.  Short-term rentals are highly advantageous and all the properties are furnished. Equally important is that they are let as self-catering accommodations.

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Find the best accommodation in The Lake District

22 Dec , 2015  

Visiting England is definitely something everyone should have on their bucket list. There are plenty of cultural attractions and natural beauties that you should see if you reach this country. While London’s legendary palaces and museums and Scotland’s realms are really popular all around the world, few people know that Lake District is a region worth visiting. Here, in this amazing natural reserve, you will discover the unspoiled spectacle of nature and take time to find yourself. You will be surprised to see the multitude of leisure activities as well as the numberless accommodation options you have available. Here are some of the most common lodge alternatives you need to take into consideration when visiting Lake District:


Find the most affordable option

If you are in love with nature and you want to admire it at any time and stay connected with its beauty, then you should choose one of the campsites in the Lake District. This special type of accommodation will give you the opportunity of experiencing something different: you will be constantly surrounding by the beautiful landscape, while also enjoying the facilities of a comfortable lodge. In case you love camping on the mountains, then staying in a tent is the perfect choice for you. If it is the first time you dare to choose this as your accommodation, you are likely to have a great surprise, because a tent experience is definitely a pleasant one. In addition to this, you will always be close to the things you came to visit in the first place, so you can forget about getting around using local transportation.


Get bed & breakfast accommodation

In the past years, bed and breakfast accommodation seems to become more and more popular. In case you are wondering why, the answer is a simple one: convenience. This means that it basically offers tourists everything they need: a great place to stay, a rich meal to start the day energetically and all the freedom and flexibility they want, in terms of schedule and itinerary. You will only have to be present for one meal a day, which means you can forget about having to plan your program according to the meals’ timetable. In the region of Lake District, there are plenty of accommodation types which offer the B&B system, from guest houses, to lodges, caravans, inns, hotels, farms or other groups.


Luxury hotels

Taking into consideration that the area of Lake District has developed a lot in the past years, it has managed to become one of the most popular natural reserves in England. For this reason, people from different parts of the world come to see its beautiful landscapes, so infrastructure and facilities have also reached the next level. This means that if you are planning to spend a classy weekend or have a business encounter, Lake District is the perfect choice, because it has some of the most luxurious accommodation options in England. You can choose from a wide selection of luxury hotels which provide plenty of facilities including conference rooms, Jacuzzis, spas and idyllic views.

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Is Lake District the best holiday destination for you?

22 Dec , 2015  

The Lake District is one of the most popular holiday destinations in North West England, a place where tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the fresh air. If you are not sure whether or not you should make this your next holiday destination, this is when you can know for a fact that you will enjoy your stay in this beautiful location:


You enjoy luxurious accommodation

If you are one of those people who like to travel in style and stay in the best hotels, the luxury Lake District hotels will certainly not disappoint you. The best place to stay when visiting this destination is one of the luxury guest houses in the areas where you will enjoy excellent amenities that will make your stay truly amazing. Many people feel the need to disconnect from their own homes and just pamper themselves for a few days when they travel. This is why they want to stay in the best hotels or villas and Lake District will certainly not disappoint them.


You love peaceful destinations

If you are looking for a quiet destination for a romantic weekend, this is your best bet. The landscape certainly is breathtaking, you will get to explore a gorgeous national park that will enchant you every step of the way and make you thankful for having chosen to visit it. Lake District is the perfect place to enjoy scenic walks that will offer you the chance to relax, take in some fresh air and forget about the stress and noise at home. This could be the perfect weekend retreat, as you would have the chance to explore this beautiful part of the country and enjoy its gorgeous landscapes that have inspired so many writers throughout the time.


You love fishing and canoeing

Lake District is the perfect destination to indulge yourself in some fishing or have fun canoeing and even kayaking. With over 16 lakes in the area, you will find plenty of offers to do anything you might want. You certainly have a wide variety of options, allowing you to just go rowing or fishing to sailing and even windsurfing. This is the perfect destination for those who love this type of outdoor activity and want to enjoy the fresh air and stay away from the city for a while.


Perfect place for families

Lake District is a great place to go not just with your loved one, but take your children as well. All children these days spend a lot of time in front of the TV and of their computers and far too little time playing outside and this will be the perfect opportunity to offer them a beautiful experience. They will certainly enjoy the beautiful landscape just as much as you do and have fun fishing and taking part in various activities over the lakes. This is the type of destination where unforgettable memories that they will tell their children about in the future and all parents should make sure their children have these types of memories as they grow up.


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Why make Croatia your next holiday destination

5 Apr , 2017  

You always dream of spending your holiday in some remote, tropical resort, with sand and beaches you have only seen in movies, but did you know you can enjoy all of these much closer to your home country? Croatia is the right answer for you, so start planning your vacation by looking on the Internet for the best villas with pool in Croatia. Here are the main reasons why you should make this country your next holiday destination


Amazing landscapes

Contrary to what many people believe, Croatia has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. It is a place where you can relax, get rid of stress, forget about any worries you may have and help you recharge your batteries for when you return back home. The turquoise water, white pebbles and golden sand beaches make Dalmatia one of the most popular destinations in Croatia.

Easy to reach

The Canaries or Greek islands may attract more tourists than Dalmatia for instance, but they are also more difficult to reach. You can get there only by plane or ferry-boat, which can be quite inconvenient for some people. However, Croatia is much simpler and easier to reach. Whether you want to go to Split, Dubrovnik, Dalmatia, Hvar or any other destination, you will only have to spend a few hours on the road.

Interesting history and culture

Besides the breath-taking landscapes that manage to impress every tourist, regardless of the age, Croatia is an interesting holiday destination in terms of historical and cultural richness as well. Under no circumstances should history aficionados skip visiting Croatia, especially because some of the regions were the locations where the worldly-renowned TV series, Game of Thrones, was filmed.

The weather

The climate in this region is extremely pleasant as it is Mediterranean. This means that winters are quite mild here, whereas springs and summers are the perfect seasons for going out to the beach and getting some tan. As a result, if you plan to visit this country at some point in the future, make it happen sometime in the middle of the summer in order to benefit from great weather and to be able to bathe in the sun all day long.

Great prices

Prices in Croatia are not as high as many believe, especially when it comes to accommodations and you can check websites such as to get a clearer idea. Compared to other similar resorts across the globe, Croatia has some reasonable prices and you do not have to pay too much even though you opt for luxury accommodation for instance. Do your online research and look for the best offer that matches your needs and budget.

As it can be seen, these are some of the most important reasons why you should consider Croatia your next holiday destination this year. There are many activities you can do here, this is for sure, so all that remains for you to do is opt for the ones that suit you best and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

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What you should know before looking for accommodation in France

4 Jan , 2017  


The most beautiful thing that you can do for yourself is planning a wonderful holiday in a different country because you will gather the most beautiful memories during that period. After many years, you will still remember how many inspiring places you have visited and you will feel fulfilled. This is the reason why you need to start preparations for your future vacation as soon as possible. It was scientifically proved that holidays are very good for releasing stress. You need to forget about long days of work and family problems, because it can be very dangerous for your health. You should look for rental Port Grimaud considering the fact that the accommodation is very important if you want to feel comfortable and relaxed all the time. Every time you can, you should go in vacations and have a good time because it will completely change your mood.

Make sure that you choose the right accommodation

Many people focus too much on planning so many activities for their vacation because they want to visit as many things as possible and make a lot of pictures. Unfortunately this is not the right way because their vacation will be very stressful instead of relaxing. If you used to do the same thing, you should stop because it would be better to change your approach. Considering the fact that a very good vacation should make you feel comfortable, it means that you need to find the best accommodation ever.  For example, you should be careful in order to choose something with a very beautiful view because it is so good to have the possibility to contemplate the sunset every morning. It would be difficult for you to return home but it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid to rent a beautiful apartment only because you will miss it after a while.

Use the Internet in order to make an opinion about the offers

If you want to make sure that you chose the best offer, you should know that the Internet can help you a lot. It will also be very comfortable to stay in your own bed and look at some pictures with your possible accommodation. Don’t hurry and choose something immediately because if you don’t see everything, it is possible that you will regret that you didn’t wait a little.

You should have a walk every morning

Spending your holiday in a different country can be extremely interesting because you will have the chance to meet new people and a new culture. Not to mention the fact that their landscapes will be very different from what you used to see in your country. The architecture will also make you want to see more and you will forget about other things when you will see their amazing buildings. This is the main reason why you need to have a walk every morning because you will always discover new things that you didn’t see from the beginning. It will also help you keep in shape and feel fantastic.



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Get ready for your vacation in Alaska – travel tips

21 Nov , 2016  

Going on a vacation is definitely an exciting thing, since the only aspect you have in mind at that point is that you need it to recharge your batteries, relax and have some quality time next to your loved ones. However, planning a holiday can be quite stressful for some people and one of the most important details that need to be taken care of is to look for the best Ketchikan vacation rentals in the region. Here are some very useful tips you should keep in mind the moment you decide to plan your next vacation to Alaska.


Traveling with children? Here is what you should know

It is worth mentioning from the very beginning that Alaska cruises are a great choice for multi-generational family trips, since these excursions include activities for all age levels. It is best to take your children on Alaska cruises if they are 6 years old or older due to safety reasons. Make sure you also take some board games or cards with you so that they can entertain themselves during downtime periods.

When is the best time to visit Alaska?

The best time to plan your vacation to Alaska is from June to September, because during this period the weather is more pleasant and you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes more. In case you are interested in seeing the scene of bears while catching salmon, then you should definitely plan your trip after the middle of July. It is also important to mention that Alaska has a lot more to offer than the bear-viewing scenes, so if you come to this place sooner than the middle of July, you will definitely have plenty of things to see.

Prepare for the weather accordingly

It is mandatory that no matter in what period of the year you come to Alaska, you prepare for rainy weather. The climate here is temperate rainforest, so there are more than 100 inches of rain every year, not to mention that wind is also another aspect to consider. The best way to fight against bad weather is layers; this means that you will definitely need a rain or a wind jacket, fleece clothes, water resistant footwear and hats. Rain clothes are very useful even when it does not rain at all, since they can protect you against wind. Be careful with the photo camera if you plan to bring it with you, because if it is not a waterproof one, you have to pay great attention in order not to get wet.

Look for the perfect accommodation

If you intend to stay several days in the same location and do not fancy cruise trips, you should start looking for proper accommodation in Ketchikan or in any other part of Alaska from the very first moment you decide to plan your vacation to this region. There are numerous accommodation places here, from luxurious ones to low-cost rentals, so make sure you choose the one that best matches your needs and budget.

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What you must include on your “travel to London” list

25 Aug , 2016  

London is definitely one of the most beautiful cities not only in Europe, but in the world. For this reason, millions of people from all around the globe come here annually, to get a glimpse of the amazing capital of England and experience the royal environment. As soon as you step out in the streets, you will see how every corner of this amazing place is filled with a rich culture. Once you get over the sock of the backwards traffic, you can feel free to experience as much as you can from this unique city. Here is our brief list of “must see”:

The Museums

There are dozens of such establishments in the UK, but the most famous ones are of course situated in London. So they should be your priority in terms of cosa vedere a Londra. What is actually great is that all the major museums offer free admission for those who are willing to check them out. Make a list and plan your itinerary, because you will have to pay a visit to a number of cultural hubs: The National Gallery, The National History Museum, Tate Modern and Tate Britain, Victoria and Albert Museum as well as The British Museum. Besides the cultural intake you will also be impressed by their unique architecture.

London Dungeon

Although less popular than other objectives, this amazing place is probably the most underrated attraction of the capital city. Situated by the Thames, near the Big Ben, this place’s secrecy is due to the fact that it provides you with an entertaining experience, whose main protagonist is no one else but you. So where is the fun if you know beforehand what is going to happen? Broadly, you should know that the Dungeon will make you understand all the horrors London has been through over the years, in a manner that is both fun and frightening. Get ready for the time of your life!

Tower Bridge’s Glass Floor

Yes, there is a glass floor over the Tower Bridge and yes, you must definitely take a walk on it. Besides the thrill of stepping on completely transparent flooring, you will also have an impressive view over the surroundings and the bridge itself. In addition to this, you will have a lot of fun seeing how people avoid walking on the glass, fearing it can crack in any second. Actually, the platform is extremely safe and secured, so there is nothing to worry about!


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The secrets to finding accommodation for your ski holiday in Japan

15 Jul , 2016  

There are two types of persons, when it comes to holidays, the ones who prefer to opt for a seaside holiday, and relax on the beach, and the ones, who want to be active and go for a ski holiday. This totally depends on your personality, and your group of friends. If you are the type of person who just cannot wait for the winter to come, to go to the mountain, then you should consider having a ski holiday Japan. The main aspects that influence your holiday are the accommodation and the weather, because you have to be sure that, you would be able to ski all day long, and when you come back, you can relax in a comfortable room. Because you cannot influence the weather, you have to pay attention to the accommodation facilities available in the area, where you choose to have your holiday. Here are some secrets that would help you choose the perfect accommodation for you.


Proximity to the sky track

When you plan a vacation at the mountainside, and you want to spend your time on the sky track, you should look for an accommodation facility close to the track you want to spend the most of your time. In the majority of cases, the hotels are placed at the base of the mountain, but if you choose to go in a destination as Nozawa Onsen, you have the possibility to check a local website like, and see if there are accommodation facilities close to the track. Many of the hotels would be advertised as close to the sky tracks, but you have to check the exact distance from them to the mountain, to be sure that you choose the one suitable for you.

The type of accommodation

As in any other country, in Japan you have different types of accommodation facilities, because they are designed to meet the requirements of different types of tourists. Depending on the region you choose to travel to, you might have the possibility to get accommodation from inns, bed-and-breakfast to large chain hotels. Consider your travel partners, because you should talk with them to see what they would prefer. You would notice that no matter their type, the majority of them would feature traditional characteristics when it comes to design. You should filter your search according your specific requirements, because in this way you will find easier to get to the ones right for your needs. Also, do not forget to keep in mind your budget, because you would travel in a foreign country, and there might come some unplanned expenses, and you have to be sure that you will not experience any troubles.


Sometimes it is more important to look for the amenities an accommodation facility is providing, because the type is not very important. You will notice that in Japan every property has different features. You should evaluate your needs, and choose the accommodation that meets your specific needs.

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Deep sea fishing in the Turks & Caicos – what to expect

28 Jun , 2016  

If you are looking for an adventure on the sea, then you should definitely try deep sea fishing on your vacation. This will be a delightful excursion for you and your family. You have the opportunity of enjoying the magnificent beauty of the ocean, not to mention that you will be able to spot dolphins and sea birds. If you have never been on such an adventure before, then you probably do not know what to expect. Reality is different from what you see in TV shows and if you wish to give deep sea fishing Turks & Caicos charter a try, then you need all the information you can get.

Things can get messy

Although deep sea fishing is an enjoyable activity, it is not for everyone. You have to know all the types of fish and devise a plan on to catch them. While some times all you have to do is drop your line into the ocean, other times the fish will put in a good fight. You have to handle everything from beginning to end, from food to gear. What is more, you can never know what can happen. Although there are days when your time out on the sea will be more relaxing, it is possible to encounter a blue marlin at the end of the line. This fish is large and thus requires a great combat. It is thrilling. You can have fun, but if you have a sensitive stomach it is best to stay away from such an intense activity.

When you get on the boat

If you wish to catch big fish, then you better have some reliable tools. The entire trip will depend on the effectiveness of your fishing tools. When you set foot on the boat, you will need to find an adequate spot for your gear. You should not place your tools directly on the deck because it will get. You can expect to ride about an hour before reaching the fishing grounds. The captain has a good sense about where the fish is, so follow his lead. Deep sea fishing can be dangerous, so if it is your first time on the sea, you should carefully listen to what the captain has to say. He will guide you on your trip, teaching you everything there is to know about catching fish and what to do. After all, there is no fun if you do not come back with any trophy. It you do not catch all the information, then feel free to ask the crew members for more instructions. Remember to practice caution.

When the day is over

The highlight of your vacation will be when you get back home with your prize. You should get the biggest fish that you caught from the sack and have it weighed. At this point, you will be able to see what everyone else has done and to take pictures. Do not be upset if you do not have a big catch. The trip is mainly about having fun, it is not a time to be competing. If you have absolutely no idea about filleting fish, you can turn to the docks to dress your fish for you.


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Spilt Croatia – a popular 2016 holiday destination

24 May , 2016  

If you have not planned your holiday for this year, you should definitely consider choosing Spilt, Croatia, as your destination. In the past years, Croatia has known a significant increase as far as the number of tourists is concerned, since more and more people have been fascinated about this country’s beauty and outstanding landscapes. You should know that if you want to visit a specific island and then go straight to the airport, you could look for a company that provides boat taxi Split airport. As a result, no matter where you want to go, you can benefit from proper means of transportation. Here are the main reasons why you should choose Split as your holiday destination.

The fascinating landscapes

One of the reasons why this part of Croatia has become so popular among people’s choices in the past years is the mesmerizing landscapes. It is the place where the mountains and the sea mingle together, thus creating an amazing view that will remain forever in your mind. Bonus tip: do not forget to bring a camera with you, because you will want to take photos at every step while visiting Croatia.

Its history

This region is the right place to be not only for those who want to wake up next to an amazing sight, but also for those aficionados for history. Split is part of the bigger region Dalmatia and its history dates back to Antiquity. The city’s architecture is a perfect mixture of Greek and Roman styles, which gives it that unique aspect that all historians love.

Its culture

Split has numerous museums and galleries that should definitely be on every tourist’s visit list. It is the perfect way to learn a little bit about this amazing country’s culture. Some popular museums in this region are The Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, The Croatian Maritime Museum, The Ethnographical Museum and many other galleries and museums that will make you feel like you have gone back several centuries in time. Besides these locations, there are other places where you can learn more about the Split’s culture and history, and some examples are churches, cathedrals, historic sites, and ancient ruins.

Outdoor activities

It is important to know that Split is not known only for the majestic landscapes and historic sites, but also for interesting outdoor activities. You can go to the beach and spend an entire day there, or you can go on boat tours and visit the other surrounding islands too. If you are an adventurous type of person, kayaking and canoeing are the perfect outdoor activities for you to try while you are on this holiday. Bike tours, river rafting and tubing, scuba diving and snorkelling, hiking, horseback riding tours are other great things to try. Make a list of the activities that you would like to experience in Split and have the time of your life.

Overall, these are the main reasons why you should consider adding Split Croatia to your wish list for holiday destinations this year.

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Planning a trip to the Lake District

29 Jan , 2016  

Are you looking for an amazing destination for your next holiday? The Lake District is certainly a place worth visiting at least once in your life. With so many enjoyable activities and breath taking surroundings, you could not opt for a better location. The Lake District is probably the most visited countryside area in the UK, and just by seeing a few photographs, you will  understand why. When planning a trip to the Lake District, you need to keep certain details in mind to be sure you will enjoy your vacation to the fullest. From finding the best Lake District luxury hotels to making a list of all important attractions, make sure you take care of every aspect before your arrival.

Book the right accommodation

Without any doubts, the first thing you need to do is find the right accommodation. There are many alternatives for you to choose from, so doing some research online will certainly help you make the right decision. There are many wonderful villages, so regardless of which one you choose you need to find the perfect place to stay during your visit. You can easily find an accommodation that meets your needs. If you are more picky, when it comes to accommodation, then the best option for you would be to opt for a luxurious hotel, which can offer you all the services you require. If you want to live a real countryside experience, then there are many countryside cottages offering you accommodation.

Discover the English countryside culture

You cannot leave Lake District without discovering the authentic English countryside culture, and there is no better way to do it than visiting the Dove Cottage or Wordsworth Museum. Go to local pubs and coffee shops, and take advantage of every minute you spend there, because you will certainly leave with some good memories. Bring you whole family with you, because this destination is perfect for anyone, child or adult. You will end up spending some quality time there, being surrounded by a spectacular view.

Make an activity lists

Make sure you have a list of all the activates you can pursue during your stay in the Lake District. This way you can be certain that you have not missed out on anything, and you have discovered all the attractions that the location has to offer. Dare to try things that you would not normally do. Go horseback riding, while admiring the beauty of nature, it is certainly the best way to relax. Take long walks around the lake, and if you are in a good physical condition try out the Catbells Lakeland walk. Go hiking or sailing, there are so many things to do, that you will not know with which one to start. Look for websites that offer you more information regarding attraction and activities and make the time for each one of them. There is not a single thing to dislike about the Lake District, the surroundings are amazing, the people are amazing and the food is amazing.